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  • - Length: 9.000IN
  • - Width: 3.500IN
  • - Height: 5.500IN

  • Pillow block made of cast iron
  • Exapnding type bearing
  • 1 7/16 inch bearing
  • 1 7/16 INCH Expanding pillow block bearing provides support for rotating shafts. The exapanding bearing is used in areas where heat might cause parts to expand.

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    Use your mobile device and Google® Lens to visually search for replacement parts for CertainTeed and Unisul insulation machines.
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    • For best results, scan the serial plate from your machine. It has the model number to help you find the correct parts for your specific machine. Here is a sample one:
    • Scan the front on your machine.
    • steel lable of machin