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Machine Performance

Blower Operation

Why won't the blower turn on?

  • Blower failure

  • Blower clutch failed

  • Check valve plate failed

  • Blower inlet flange may have bird nest that was sucked into blower

PTO Operation

The truck is running and the PTO is on but the machine does not operate.

  • E-stop or gate switch is no on proper position

  • Re-set or latching relay failure

  • Remote control not operational

Blowing Air Volume

Why is there low blowing air volume?

  • Worn seals

  • Air valve open

  • Loose hose connections between blower and feeder

  • Flexible hose from blower to ball valve is worn out

  • Faulty relief valve - air escaping through valve

Air Pressue

Why is there high pressure - unable to dump air?

  • Material / fiber obstructing air valve hose

  • Air valve fails to open

Air Gauge

Why is there excessive back pressure on air gauge?

  • Hose obstruction

  • Hoses taped together, thin wall hose sleeves not used

Insulation material flow

Why is there low material flow?

  • Worn seal

  • Incorrect machine settings

  • Plastic bags wrapped around hammer shaft restricting material flow

Hopper Components

The machine engages but hopper components will not turn.

  • Shear key sheared

  • Transmission in neutral

  • Chain came off sprocket(s)

Shipping and Returns

Getting your order ready for shipment

Are all items shown online in-stock and ready to ship?

  • Each product page has item availability displayed. However, it is possible that your item may not be in stock at time of shipment.

  • If there are any changes required to your order after you have completed it online, our Customer Service team will notify you as soon as possible.

  • We understand you are need replacement parts quickly to keep your machine in good working order.

Most orders ship within 1-2 business days.

  • Business days are Monday - Friday, New York time, except for US holidays.

  • If you must confirm your order will ship on a certain day, please contact us when your order is complete.

Shipping Service Options

We primarily use FedEx for shipping and offer the following options:

FedEx Ground1-5 days transit
FedEx Next Day Early 1-2 days transit
FedEx Next Day Afternoon1-2 days transit
FedEx 3-day3 days transit

Return Policy & Process

Please read the full return policy. Here are the key points.

  • All returns mus have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) issued prior to returning the item(s).

  • No returns of used items unless confirmed as defective by our Customer Service team.

  • No returns accepted after 30 days of shipment.

  • Do not return items not originally purchased from CertianTeed.

Return Process

  • Contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning items.

  • Provide a copy of the RMA in the box with your return so that your account can be refunded correctly.

  • If another part is to be provided, a new order will be required. Customer Service will contact you to make arrangements.

  • The CertainTeed team inspects returns prior to granting refunds. This can take 3-5 business days.

  • Credit card companies then require an additional 5-7 business days to complete the refund to your credit card.

More Options

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Use your mobile device and Google® Lens. ?

Use your mobile device and Google® Lens to visually search for replacement parts for CertainTeed and Unisul insulation machines.
  • Determine if your Google® search app has Google® Lens already embedded in it.
    - Look for the camera icon in your Google® app search box. google lense searchbox
  • If your Google® search app has Lens, select the camera icon and follow the Google® Lens instructions for using the camera on your mobile device to find your CertainTeed insulation machine and/or parts using those from your machine. machine and/or parts using those from your machine.
    - This works best if you are in a well-lit area.
  • If your Google® app does not have Lens embedded, you may be able to download it from your app store.
  • - Select your app store and search for Google® Lens. Find the app with the logo shown here:google lense icon
  • - Once installed on your mobile device, open the Google® Lens app and use your mobile device camera for find the replacement parts you need for your CertainTeed or Unisul insulation machines. Google® provides in-app instructions for use.
Quick Tips for using visual search with your mobile device camera:
  • For best results, scan the serial plate from your machine. It has the model number to help you find the correct parts for your specific machine. Here is a sample one:
  • Scan the front on your machine.
  • steel lable of machin