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Blower / feeder clutch 1.437" bore
  • 161299
  • U509044
  • Available
  • 1
  • EA
  • $409.30 USD

Requires 2 business days prior to shipment

Does not ship to the European Union

  • - Length: 7.000IN
  • - Width: 9.000IN
  • - Height: 4.500IN

  • Electromagnetic clutch
  • 1 7/16 inch bore
  • Compatible with Unisul and CertainTeed Volu-Matic 3 and Volu-Matic 5 insulation machines with a PTO engine
  • The blower / feeder electromagnetic clutch with a 1.437 inch bore is a replacment part for CertainTeed and Unisul Volu-Matic III, 3, 300 Serices and Volu-Matic V, 5, 500 Serices insulation machines with a PTO engine.

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